Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) is a strong feature in all sections of the school. We aim to foster positive values and respect and ensure that pupils play an important role in their community. SMSC is evident in all areas of the curriculum and also in extra curricular activities such as fundraising, invitations to guest speakers, educational visits and a wide range of events and activities designed to enhance the work of the classroom. The Spiritual dimension of our work can be seen through display around the school, pupils’ artwork in public areas and our excellent music and drama productions.

Fund raising

Cultural development is aided by having a school community drawn from many different backgrounds, in which language, customs and traditions vary considerably.


We are very proud of our charity fundraising events, supporting a wide range of worthy causes worldwide.

School, Family and the Community

As a basic principle, we actively encourage effective communication between school and parents. We endeavour to involve parents fully in the education of their children and see this partnership as an essential aspect of our care for every individual.

Opportunities for effective communication and participation exist in a wide variety of forms. On a collective level there is a regular flow of information to parents and students via newsletters, calendars of events and handbooks. From time to time the reactions, opinions and requirements of parents are canvassed via questionnaires.

Families are provided with regular written reports on individual student progress.

On marketing trips overseas the Principal and other marketing staff always invite parents to meet them to discuss their child's progress.