Our Philosophy

  • To sustain and develop an educational environment in which all students are able to fulfil their maximum potential, both as individuals and as members of a community.

Academic Achievement

  • To help and encourage our students to achieve the highest levels of academic success, optimising the best features of the British educational system set in an international environment. 
  • To help students learn as much English as possible. 
  • To assist students in gaining access to the university of their choice.

Cultural Enrichment

  • To ensure that students benefit from their stay in Britain by giving them as much exposure as possible to British Culture, the language, the history and traditions, through classes, educational visits and excursions.

Personal Development

  • To assist students in preparing for adult life by fostering honesty, self-assurance, mutual respect and sense of duty.

Recognised Leader

  • To ensure that Saint Michael’s College continues to strive towards becoming a recognised leader in the national and international academic community.

School Environment

  • To provide a safe, secure, positive and enjoyable environment for the students entrusted to us.

Good Employer

  • To provide an environment that attracts and retains the highest calibre of staff and which encourages the continuing professional and personal development of the individual.

Social Commitment

  • To ensure that Saint Michael’s College maintains and expands its position in the local community by its positive actions.

Financial Strength

  • To maintain financial security to sustain the ongoing development of the school and its facilities.