Saint Michael's College follows the traditional British education system:


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Students study a total of seven subjects at GCSE Level spread over two years.  English and Maths are compulsory and five other subjects are then chosen by the student.  All subjects are studied for four periods per week, except English which is ten periods per week.  Some subjects include coursework which is assessed throughout the year, whilst others are assessed by formal end of year examinations alone.

 A levels

A Levels form the basis of assessment for university entrance.  AS Levels are taken in Year 12, and in Year 13 students begin A Levels.  Typically students choose three or four subjects to study according to their interest.  In addition, students also study up to ten periods of English per week.  A Level studies focus on depth of knowledge rather than width.

British university entrance stipulations generally require students to have passed a minimum of 5 GCSE subjects (to include Maths and English), 2 A levels and an English language examination (normally an IELTS score of 6.5). 

University Foundation (Age 17+)

This is a one-year academic programme aimed at students who: (a) have already completed secondary education in their own country but require an extra year of study, to be accepted onto undergraduate studies, or (b) those who have the necessary qualifications but need to further develop their English language skills in preparation for university.  Students on our foundation course enjoy all the same privileges as our A Level students and are fully integrated into the school.